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Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar
Getwell Hospital and Research Institute
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The site has been selected as part of Respiratory Research Network Of India for doing indigenous research, will aim to improve healthcare pertaining to chest diseases in our country India.

Research Capabilities

Research Support:
    • Experienced Investigator and Sub-Investigator.
    • Protocol Consultation.
    • On-Site investigational pharmacy.
    • Experienced, dedicated, GCP and DCGI regulation trained study coordinators.
    • Participates in research trials.
Budget/ Contract:
    • Staff experienced in creating and negotiating budget and contract.
Quality Assurance:
    • Compliance with GCP and regulatory requirement.
    • Onsite Independent Ethics Committee with once a month every fourth Saturday scheduled meeting.
    • Experienced staff to prepare IEC submissions and to maintain regulatory documents
    • Standard Operating Procedures consistent with regulatory requirements.
    • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and DCGI regulation trained staff with certification who knows the policies and procedures for conducting research protocols properly and ethically.
    • Subject identification and Recruitment.
    • Potential participant databases.
Research Facilities:
    • Extensive clinical and academic research facilities.
    • Centre is affiliated to Independent Ethics Committee, Nagpur.
    • Dedicated monitor room, patient exam/treatment rooms and waiting areas.
    • Secure research drug storage and dispensing areas.
    • Centre has access to dry ice, PK capabilities and courier services. -20° C freezer with temperature-recording devices is available as well as ambient centrifuges.
    • Dedicated storage for study related documents.
    • Centre has high-speed Internet access as well as copy machines, FAX machines, Scanner and phones.
    • Study team are capable of electronic data capture and transmission through any medium required, having extra phone lines dedicated solely to data transmission and internet connections for high-speed web base transfer.
    • Phlebotomy and laboratory analysis services available.
    • Calibrated ECG machine, Spirometer, Centrifuge machine, BP apparatus(digital and manual), Weighing machine, Drug storage cabinets, Deep freezer and Thermometer
    • Secure data storage environment.
    • Centre is protected with uninterruptable power supplies, backup generator and fire suppression.
    • Archival room.
Phone : 9271276116     |     Emergency : 0712 - 6632235   •   6632236     |     Email : DrRajeshSwarnakar@gmail.com
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